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Marco JORIO (Chief director of the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland): From National Biography to Transnational Biography Portal Fulvio CONTI : Un popolo di poeti, di artisti, di eroi…”.Men and women in the Italian Dictionary of Biography Marja JALAVA (University of Helsinki): Reparation of Historical Injustices or Forced Integration? (Mineke) BOSCH (University of Groningen): Writing the national biographical dictionaries: a gender perspective, The Dictionary Is Dead, Long Live the Dictionary!

Chair: tba Lars Wienecke, Marten Dring, Denis Scuto, Joell Thill: No privacy for the dead.Dahm, Discovering DNA: Friedrich Miescher and the early years of nucleic acid research.Pub Med PMID: 17901982 Hum Genet 122.565-81 Aufstellung der Marmorbste von Dr. Univ.-Professor fr Klassische Philologie in Zrich, Erlangen und Mnchen o.25-27 [Online-Version]; URL: https:// Schmid, Bruno, , "Kolb, Annette" in: Neue Deutsche Biographie 12 (1979), S.438-440Weitere Links Literaturportal Bayern Buchpremiere mit Hiltrud Hntzschel, Gnter Hntzschel und Albert von Schirnding Monacensia, 28. 201- Opening Welcome & Introduction Eveline Wandl-Vogt Artistic and Managing Director of Ars Electronica Gerfried Stocker Keynote Speaker / Panel Discussion- Posters and Demonstration Hans Bauer: Bio-brary.

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