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Our headquarters here at Guardian's Hall have been purpose-built to meet our needs, and those of our clients, exactly.The ground floor of this impressive two-storey building is dedicated to assay, analytical and research services whilst the first floor is home to ...More Information » The sponsor's mark, fineness mark and the assay office mark are compulsory marks.The crown on gold, the lion passant for 925 silver, the Britannia mark for 958 silver and the orb for 950 platinum and the date letter in all cases are voluntary additional marks....Designed to make life easier for you, our service combines fair rates with fast turnaround. Why not give us a try us and benefit from the difference?

Dublin silver is struck with a crowned harp, to which a seated figure of Hibernia was added in 1731.

The Oldest Form of Consumer Protection - A Brief History In an age where consumer protection and rights are a key concern for most present-day manufacturers it is fascinating to note that the hallmark is, in fact, one of the oldest forms of consumer protection that exists.

The history of the hallmark dates back as far 1300, when a statute of Edwar...

Some of these ceased hallmarking as early as the Stuart period (the Norwich assay office identified by a crowned lion passant and a crowned rosette shut in 1701), while others such as Chester (three wheat sheaves and a sword) and Glasgow (a tree, bird, bell and fish) were still operating into the post-war era.

Silver struck with the half leopard’s head and half fleur de lys of York (closed 1856) and the crowned X or a three-turreted castle of Exeter (closed 1883) can be collectable on account of its rarity and sense of place.

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