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The mistakes are not plain publishing nature rather it unfortunately conveys the fact that the author himself is not very knowledgeable and thus its not a quality scholarship that is used in our class.

Also, please do contribute by adding/correcting the points.When I was young, I saw these books and studied about half of each before I left: Arbi ka mu'allim - Ilmun-Nahw - Tamreenun-Nahw - Ilmus-Sarf - Qasasun-Nabiyyeen - Darsul-lughatil-arabiyyah (bear in mind, I want to start from scratch) Btw, I don't understand much urdu, but our teachers used to guide us obviously.Now, however I've come across Arabic Tutor (translation of Arbi ka mu'allim) and Tasheel al-Nahw (translation of Ilmun-Nahw), but I know there's a lot to answer and I've asked a lot, but it would be a great deal if all these questions were to be answered.i do use it to get the harakaat (but often requires verification), minimizing effort to dictionary reference.Reading HN on own (no outside help) get me to around 50% and then re-reading the passages from it get me to 60%, rest comes from the actual live class.

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There are other interesting theological twists, but lets not go there...

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