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As a teacher, I have been noting down the student’s mistakes (on paper) during the class.

At this point, I review the notes and explain the errors.

Or, I might just bring a list of questions, topics, or new headlines to our next class and have class without any printed material. Although some students dislike textbooks, I explain to them that I can teach English but I am not an expert in business.For me, I demand payment for all classes canceled with less than 24 hours notice.If you are a new teacher, however, you may want to be more lenient.Making an effort to understand what the student wants communicates that you are serious about helping him or her. Also, I often ask the student to tell me about their previous English teacher and what they liked/disliked about him/her.This helps me learn how I can satisfy the student (the customer! In this case, I suggest we review the basic elements of intermediate to upper-intermediate grammar by going through the review section at the back of Cambridge’s English Grammar in Use book.

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