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It was a difficult separation according to Garcia, and in her book she reveals that all she wanted to take away from the union were the ashes of her son Amiir, but she could never get in touch with her ex after they split. 'Eventually, a compassionate friend told me she’d heard about a troubling incident,' writes Garcia.'Prince’s assistant was upset that he had been asked to burn everything in the house that reminded him of me and the baby, including the contents of the nursery - Amiir’s crib and toys and clothes and books- everything.' Garcia was in a state of shock when she learned that the singer had burned the last thing she had to remember her son by, writing: 'My whole body felt taken over with rage.It felt hot and toxic and lasted for a long, long time.'It was less than 60 days later that Garcia had her father drive her to a lawyer's office, and she signed the papers that legally dissolved her marriage.While those without primarily obsessional OCD might instinctively respond to bizarre, intrusive thoughts or impulses as insignificant and part of a normal variance in the human mind, someone with Pure-O will respond with profound alarm followed by an intense attempt to neutralize the thought or avoid having the thought again. " (even though they usually realize that their fear is irrational, which causes them further distress) Those suffering from primarily obsessional OCD might appear normal and high-functioning, yet spend a great deal of time ruminating, trying to solve or answer any of the questions that cause them distress.

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Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) may also be helpful for breaking out of the ruminative thinking process.

Prince's ex Mayte Garcia shares devastating details of her divorce from Prince in her new book 'The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince.'The split came after the couple lost their first son six days after his birth and Garcia suffered a miscarriage with their second child three months into her pregnancy.

The disorder is particularly easy to miss by many well-trained clinicians, as it closely resembles markers of generalized anxiety disorder and does not include observable, compulsive behaviors.

Clinical "success" is reached when the sufferer becomes indifferent to the need to answer the question.

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This reassurance-seeking ritual will, ironically, provide no further clarification and could exacerbate the intensity of the search for the answer.

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