Rating and dating complex

For that we will assemble the most competent team possible.

The author wishes to thank Carolyn Marvin, Lana Rakow, Risa Swell, Steven Schopick, and the anonymous reviewers and editors for their comments on evolving drafts of this study.

Blockchain gives es not only the power to create an app that will be attractive to women, but also to built a dating app with longterm view ( the more companies/governments etc will use blockchain) We solve the ratio issue by addressing the current issues that all dating platforms have. That being said, there is no malice or intent in my evaluation, it is only my personal opinion as to what if any success I believe the project will have. "4" due to lack of understanding of 'dating on blockchain' concept- having said that - this has the potential to capture mass market.

We believe that when it comes to relationships, we should be picky.Implementations made in this MVP: 1) Private Messaging 2) Encrypted data 3) Verified Customer Data including face recognition (beta-version).Development & extension of our team The First priority after our Initial Coin Offering is to further develop our DApp.These are for example verified users, a safe dating experience (for example date deposits etc) through a consensus mechanism that kicks out people who behave in a bad matter. Having industry leading backers on their team is a sign of recognition already!Experts are independently and voluntarily contributing to the community.

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