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Charlotte is a doll with an evil past and she is about to wreak havoc on one unsuspecting family.Sadie, a budding erotic novelist, is enticed by an ex-lover to join him and an enigmatic woman named Francesca at an Italian Villa.From the Producers of The Woman In Black, Flatliners, Lone Survivor and The Ring. DIRECTOR'S EXTENDED EDITION Grammy winner Beyonce Knowles, Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx* and Golden Glober winner Eddie Murphy shine in unforgettable roles that display their matchless talents.And Jennifer Hudson is a revelation, in the breakthrough performance that earned her the 2006 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.On the run from Child Protective Services, Glenn and his 9-year-old daughter, Sophia, disappear into the swampy Virginia backwoods.In hiding, they live off the land in a tattered tent and keep a safe distance from other homeless outcasts and the gangs of rednecks who occupy the forest.They must work together to battle aliens and activate a machine that will restore earth to a time before it was destroyed.

Also including HG Lewis Dracula-inspired vampire epic A Taste of Blood as a bonus feature, this is one Gruesome Twosome that s well worth flipping your wig over!

Based on the Tony Award-winning Broadway hit and directed by Academy Award winner Bill Condon** (Beauty and the Beast), the Oscar-winning Dreamgirls is 'a triumph' of movie entertainment that will dazzle you again and again.

Jean Rollin`s THE ESCAPEES revisits the director`s fascination with pairs of women who wander, dreamlike, through a modern dystopia.

Two female patients one rebellious (Laurence Dubas), the other despondent (Christiane Coppé) flee the grounds of a mental hospital and drift across the French countryside.

After finding refuge among a band of gypsy-like exotic dancers, they cross paths with a petty criminal (Marianne Valiot), an ageing fortune-teller (Louise Dhour) and a quartet of swingers with sinister intentions.

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