Sex dating without passwords

Using the new Microsoft Authenticator account app, users type in their username for a Microsoft account and will receive a sign-in alert on their smartphone that they approve or deny.

Experts also advise having different passwords for different sites, instead of relying on one, which if hacked, could prove particularly serious.Passwords like 1q2w3e4r and 123qwe indicate that some users are attempting to use unpredictable patterns to secure their passwords.But Keeper says: 'Their efforts are weak at best.'Dictionary-based password crackers know to look for sequential key variations.‘With phone sign-in, we’re shifting the security burden from your memory to your device,’ Microsoft director Alex Simons wrote in a blog post.‘Just add your account to the Android or i OS Microsoft Authenticator app, then enter your username as usual when signing in somewhere new.Instead of entering your password, you’ll get a notification on your phone.’‘Unlock your phone, tap ‘Approve’, and you’re in.’Simons also explained that the process is easier than the standard two-step verification and more secure than typing in a password – as they are easily compromised or forgotten.‘Using your phone to sign in with PIN or fingerprint is a seamless way to incorporate two account ‘proofs’ in a way that feels natural and familiar,’ he shared.

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