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*Let the best parts of your personality shine through on your online profile. *Meet for drinks in a classy venue first and if that goes well, take the date further. You’ll be on your own turf and will feel more comfortable. Women Seeking Sugar the premier dating site catering to "sugar daddy " -relationships between sugar daddies, sugar babies, wealthy men and beautiful women. If you are interested in sugar daddy or sugar baby dating, you are more likely to meet your match and have a higher caliber dating experience here than other places!*SUGAR DADDY The term for a man who provides a younger companion with rewards for their time and attention. *ARRANGEMENT An agreement between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy in which the expectations of the relationship are outlined.*SUGAR GRAM The term used to describe the community of sugar babies on Instagram.Or, compensation offered only when sexual acts are performed.

’ "Initially I didn't think it was something I could do because I was living with my family and I was in school, but after doing some research I realised it was something I could pursue.” Celine created an online profile showcasing her hobbies and talents, and within a month she had her first arrangement. "This was a way of doing something fun and exciting.

“They’re afraid that you’re using them just for their money but it really varies.” Celine, who has had 10 suitors in the past 24 months, treats the arrangements like ‘normal’ relationships - which means having sex.

“I have had platonic relationships but if you’re attracted to someone you’re going to want to be intimate with them,” she said.

We strive to make a great arrangement between two individuals with similar interests.

Gay Arrangement seeks to arrange relationships that are mutually beneficial. Join for FREE and meet other members looking for the same as you. Your time is precious and you don't want to waste it with awkwardness and confusion.

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