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Sirius XM is updating your radio with the latest encryption code. This message may also display when you are trying to tune to a channel that is unavailable or blocked.

Make sure all of the cables between your Sirius XM radio and your stereo system are connected firmly and securely.

Sirius XM radios have been designed to provide you with trouble-free performance without the need for servicing.

XM Updating: The encryption code in the receiver is being updated, no action is required.

Loading XM: The audio system is acquiring and processing audio and text data; no action is needed. Channel Off Air: This channel is not currently in service. Channel Unauth: This channel is blocked or cannot be received with your XM subscription package. No artist information is available at this time on this channel. No song title information is available at this time on this channel. No category information is available at this time on this channel. No text or informational messages are available at this time on this channel. When the vehicle is moved into an open area, the signal should return. There are no channels available for the selected category.

Turn your Sirius XM radio off, then on, to reset this message.

If using a Plug & Play or Portable Radio, remove the radio from its docking cradle and then reinstall to attempt to reset this message.

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